3 Tips for Getting Workers’ Compensation


One of the last things you’ll want to do is suffer having an injury while at work. However, this can happen and taking the time to file for workers’ compensation is vital. Knowing many of the top tips for having success in this area can be helpful.

1. Tell your supervisor

The first thing you’ll want to do is let your supervisor know about your injury. It’s never a good idea to neglect to do this at the exact time you get hurt.

Your supervisor can then file a legal report that will allow your injury to be documented successfully. If you were to wait to let your boss know of your accident, this could hurt your case in the long run.

2. Keep a journal

Writing down all of the things you need to do to get well is vital for your legal case. Keeping track of many of the specific tasks necessary to regain your health can be beneficial to your case.

Below are some of the things to put in your journal.

· 1. Doctors’ visits – Seeing your medical provider will be the ideal way to help you begin your journey to healing. This can allow you to learn the right things to do and take the proper steps to start feeling better.

· 2. Prescriptions – Are you taking medicine to allow your body to properly heal? If so, you’ll want to keep track of these to report to your attorney.

· 3. Physical therapy – Getting the right amount of physical therapy could be the start of getting your health back. Be sure to make a note of this when you do.

3. Avoid working

You won’t wish to try and get a job elsewhere if you’re aiming to get workers’ compensation. This could show that you have the ability and strength to work.

Don’t attempt to apply for any jobs or to even work part-time if you’re trying to get these benefits. Doing so could certainly hinder your ability to receive the payment you deserve from your employer.

Not being able to work can be a real challenge for most people. If you find yourself in this situation it’s in your best interest to always work closely with a California Work Injury Law Center. Taking the appropriate action is the ideal way to get the money you do deserve when you are injured during the work day. Don’t delay in doing all you can to build a strong legal case today.