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Start communicating with your team's in real time. Instantly send eachother messages quickly and easily..!!

Very powerful tool that will help convert sales in real time.

Multi Tasking

There is nothing worse than having to waste your lunch break on hold to a provider. With live chat you can carry on doing your day to day work or skimming social media whilst you wait for a “bing” sound telling you the agent has replied.

Right Place, Right Time Customer Service

As a customer there is nothing more annoying than not being able to get hold of when you have a problem. Particularly when it is an online, digital or technical issue. Live chat gives you that option to speak to someone as soon as you have a full scale problem or just a question that needs answering. This reduces the need for call back requests, expensive 08 numbers and waiting 48 hours or 2 working days for that email response.

Increased Sales

Salespeople love live chat because it lets them nudge customers towards certain products or services without having to “hard sell”. A customer that comes to your website is likely to already be interested in your product or service, instead of hoping they make a purchase you can proactively engage them.