Why You Should ALWAYS Have Legal Representation

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This should go without saying, but the legal process is not an easy thing. Between all the legalese, the emotional manipulation, precise viewing of contracts & loopholes, and the various other pitfalls that can come with our legal justice system, if you’re ever involved in litigation, you need a lawyer with you. Heck, even most attorneys have their attorney on retainer when they are personally involved in a case.

Seeking legal counsel and representation from an experienced legal firm is not only important consideration. Depending on the severity of the situation, it can be downright essential. Below, we’ll go over the various reasons why hiring a legal expert is something you really should do if at all humanely possible.

#1. It Really Is “Cheaper To Keep Her” (Or Him)

For many people, the fear when it comes to hiring a lawyer and not just representing yourself is the fact that lawyers are expensive – and for good reason! Lawyers are required to go through the weeds and consistently find the needles in the haystack whenever in a case. We’ll go over some of the other benefits further on, but suffice it to say that, while you may pay a fair amount on the front-end, it may potentially be absolute peanuts compared to how costly a lost verdict may be for you.

In addition, there are also many legal firms out there that offer ways to mitigate the costs. Many firms may take your case on entirely for free to raise their profile while other firms are willing to defer payments entirely unless they win the case. As an example, the attorneys over at the firm, Employee Rights Attorney Group (www.employeerightsattorneygroup.com) make a point of having no consultation fees while also only charging once they’ve won the case. What’s more, in civil cases, you may be able to cite your legal fees in a claim as the plaintiff, meaning bringing on an attorney may actually end up making you money!

#2. Lawyers Know How To Lawyer

This may sound silly, but it’s oh so true. There is more to a legal case than standing on trial and telling the truth. When filing individual items for evidence, there are a lot of key things you have to get completely right, where even one slip up may result in it being tossed out entirely. The same goes for any legal documents that need filed or denying counter-evidence that you wouldn’t want going to trial. Again, if even practicing and experienced lawyers have their lawyers, it only makes logical sense you’d have someone in your corner.

#3. Lawyers Know When To Hold ‘Em & When To Fold ‘Em

One thing that clients don’t understand that lawyers know all too well is when you’ve got a good hand and when you just don’t. Can they be wrong in either direction from time to time? Certainly. However, it’s their job to get you the best deal possible when everything’s said and done. If you’re winning big, it’s their job to know exactly how far you can press before things turn against you. On the other hand, if you’re losing, they know when you have a bad hand and if there’s a chance to turn it around even for a small victory. Most clients tend to believe they will win and win big. Lawyers have enough distance from the scenario to know if winning is actually in the cards or if maybe you should get what you can get and scram before losing even that.