Platinum Team Blog Why Having A Personalized Nutrition Counselor Is Ideal For Your Health

Why Having A Personalized Nutrition Counselor Is Ideal For Your Health


Health, wellness, and nutrition, while often boiled down to calories or whether you currently have an illness, is a fairly extensive and all-encompassing part of your life. Having a proper understanding, not just of your caloric needs, but what your cholesterol levels are, whether you are prone to any diseases, or any other aspect of your overall wellness (like stress levels or food sensitivity) is incredibly important to all facets of your life. General nutrition guidelines are useful, but only as guidelines. They lack the specialized impact that comes from a personalized overview of your nutrition that can only be offered by a personalized nutrition counselor.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the many different reasons why getting a personalized nutrition counselor is not only an ideal option for you but potentially an essential requirement.

#1. Your Lifestyle & History Play A Real Factor

One of the big issues when it comes to general consultations and health overviews is that they have to be general guidelines. That’s because they can’t get into the specifics of your health, your lifestyle, and your overall health history. By speaking with a personalized nutrition counselor, you’re able to take all of those factors in to draw up a plan that works specifically for you. For example, a general weight loss plan that calls to eat “lean meats” isn’t going to work for a person that is a vegan or vegetarian.

#2. It Is Customized Specifically For You

Going further along from point #1, this plan is meant for you and you alone. All bodies and body compositions are inherently different. Even twins can, over time, result in very different physical compositions based on their choices growing up and what they have been independently exposed to. By creating a nutritional health plan that works for you, you’re more likely to stay on it and see positive results.

#3. It Can Help Alleviate Symptoms

One of the big issues that should always be looked at and addressed by a professional and personalized nutritional counselor is the respective symptoms you may be experiencing. By having someone look at some of the issues you may be having, you can both have those areas precisely resolved as well as partake in certain actions so that they stay resolved. As an example, if one is suffering from chronic headaches, engaging in IV drip therapy may be ideal. IV fluids for dehydration and dehydration-related symptoms have been a standard practice for years due to the various vitamins and minerals directly dripping through the body.

Ultimately, while general overviews and guidelines have their benefit, they simply cannot compare to the pinpoint accuracy and specificity that comes with a personalized look from a nutrition counselor. For more information about places you may find a counselor, check out